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FBI Salary Range - How Much Do You Earn Working For The FBI?

It is important to consider the type of earning potential that you would like to attain through the lifetime when choosing a job – equally important when considering becoming an FBI agent.

Most people consider the salary that can be potentially earned as an FBI agent, as this can assist in the decision the making process. It is important to ensure that the salary that is going to be earned is going to be enough to sustain the lifestyle that you would like to create and provide for the family, in the case of future plans.

There are multiple salary levels that can be obtained by working with the FBI, depending on the amount of experience that has been obtained through the position and the type of position that is held with the FBI.

The introductory salary for an FBI agent begins at $40,000 and can range upwards of $58,000, depending on the position within the federal bureau of investigation, the outside training that has been obtained and the added skills that are brought to the position.

FBI Agents

An FBI agent that has obtained between one to five years of experience can earn between $44,000 to $66,000 as part of their annual salary.

Agents that have between five to ten years experience can earn between $61,000 and $102,000. The added experience through additional training and courses to increase the education can create an earning potential through the top of this range, and also allow the agent to advance through the bureau quickly.

Experienced agents, agents that have served between ten to twenty years experience in the bureau can expect to increase their earning potential, earning an average of between $78,000 and $102,000 per year.

Highly experienced agents that have spent more than twenty years working for the bureau have an earning potential of earning upwards of $144,000 as an annual salary.

As with many jobs, the earning potential increases with the experience that has been obtained from the job. Becoming an FBI agent allows the agent to start at the bottom of the ranking, working their way up to become promoted and also to receive an increase in the pay that can be earned through the experiences that are gained.

Learning about the jobs that are available with the FBI and the earning potential of the jobs throughout the agency can allow you to choose the right position but also ensure that the position that has been chosen is going to live up to the earning potential that is expected for the future.