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FBI Education Requirements

One of the first questions that people ask when they become interested in becoming an FBI agent is the level of education that is required in order to become an integral part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Learning about the education that is involved in becoming a FBI agent can ensure that the agent is able to plan for the future, ensure they have an adequate amount of education and ensure that they are prepared for the measures that must be taken in order to become an FBI agent.

One of the most integral parts of the education is the fact that the person applying for a position with the FBI must have obtained a Bachelor's degree. There are all sorts of subjects that are applicable to the application, but the formal education is the most essential part of being considered.

Other educational requirements that can help to increase the chances of being chosen to become a part of the FBI include the ability to speak and write a foreign language. The ability to speak and write in a foreign language is one of the most desired skills of agents and can help to increase the chances of the applicant being admitted into the programs.

Once the education requirements have been met for application into the program to be considered to be an agent, it is important to realize that the education has not been completed. Agents that are admitted into the FBI must complete a training program that can ensure the agents are ready for the field.

What types of training are included in the program designed for new agents? Throughout the intensive training program, the new agents will learn the method of investigation that are used to successfully solve the cases that are presented, techniques that are used to work with victims and witnesses to gain information, information that can be used while filing reports and closing cases and information that can be used in the field, including becoming trained with the weapons that are going to be used through the course of the job.

Also included in this training is an introduction into criminal law, self defense training and even methods that can be used to interrogate suspects and criminals that are suspected of the crimes. Basic training is required throughout the program unless the FBI agent is seeking admission to a specific program in the FBI, at which point additional training may be required.