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FBI Job Description

Becoming an FBA agent can be a rewarding experience for someone that is seeking a prestigious job with the potential to earn a salary of six figures once the career has become established. Learning about the various duties of the agent can help the potential applicant to determine whether this is the right career for them.

FBI Agents take part in a wide range of investigations having to do with all sorts of crimes including scams, kidnapping, bank robbery and other types of high profile crimes that local law enforcement find themselves unable to deal with.

What types of skills must the FBI agent have? It is important for the FBI agent to be able to display the skills that are going to be used, on a regular basis, to ensure that they are going to be able to accurately complete the work required.

Investigation of Crimes
There are many crimes that are investigated by agents that are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agent must be able to provide the skills necessary to investigate things like cross border crimes, kidnapping and murder investigations.

Communication with Witnesses
It is important for the FBI agent to possess the skills that will be needed in order to facilitate communication between the FBI and the witnesses of crimes. Equally as important is the ability of the FBI agent to effectively communicate with victims of the crimes to obtain more information about the crime and the person that may have committed the crime.

Undercover Investigations
Many FBI agents every single year are required to perform undercover operations in which the agent assumes another identity and therefore must be able to integrate into a situation that they may not otherwise choose to become involved in. The agent must be able to think quickly and come up with a new plan in a moment's notice in order to avoid being found out by the people that are being investigated – whom are often in close contact with the undercover agent.

Working as Part of a Team
Working as part of a team is an essential component to becoming a successful FBI agent. Not only does the agent often work with a partner while solving cases, there are often entire teams that are used throughout the process of solving a case, requiring the agent to share information and collaborate with the team until the investigation has been completed and the case has been solved.