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FBI Prerequisites

The FBI is one of the most important agencies in the United States, taking part in investigations that cannot be handled by other types of law enforcement agencies. Becoming a part of this integral team is a career goal for many, but unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to become part of the FBI and be accepted into the program as an agent.

There are certain prerequisites that must be met before a person is considered for acceptance into the program, these include:

Learning about the requirements for the program can ensure that the potential applicant is going to register for the program and have the highest chance of success, being approved for admission and can be on their way to becoming an agent of the FBI.

The education required in order to be considered in becoming an agent is in addition to the training that will be given to applicants. The training can help agents to develop the skills that will be required in the field, as well as developing investigation techniques and learning methods that can be used to help the individual excel through the introductory position that has been obtained.

The future agent must be willing to maintain the integrity of the cases that are being investigated and agree to avoid talking about these cases with family and friends, as this can jeopardize the outcome of the case.

Once the prerequisites have been completed and the FBI agent has been admitted to the program and completed the course training required, they can expect to earn between $44,000 and $60,000 for the services in the first year of service, depending on the position that has been obtained. Every five years this threshold increases, with salary raises becoming the norm every one to two years of services that have been completed.