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FBI Requirements

Are you considering becoming an FBI agent and wondering about the requirements that are found throughout the career? Perhaps you are considering multiple careers and trying to determine which career that you currently have the certification for.

What are some of the requirements that must be met in order to become eligible to become an FBI agent?

First, the potential FBI agent must meet the admission requirements for education. The person entering the program to become an agent must have completed a Bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution in any subject. Although training will be provided on the methods that are used through the investigative processes of the FBI, applicants must meet the standard for education.

In order to be admitted as an agent, the person applying for the position should be between the ages of twenty three and thirty seven years old. It is important that the individual be old enough to have completed university education and obtained the bachelor's degree but also important that the individual be young enough to go through the training process and ensure that they are going to be able to make the most of the training and spend a significant period of time serving the FBI.

It is important that applicants to the program meet all of the requirements for the education and the introduction into the program. Education requirements, personality requirements and ensuring that the person applying to the FBI have no criminal record and have the capacity to pass all of the tests that are administered to them, including physical fitness tests, written and oral tests and other tests for self defense that are introduced through the run of the course.

Learning about any specific FBI requirements for specific sections in the FBI that are being applied to, above the regular application requirements to become an agent can be an effective way to ensure that the applicant is going to see success through the program that has been chosen and can effectively become an FBI agent.

Throughout the course of career and even before the career begins it is important for the future agent to agree to keep the work private, not sharing the details of cases with friends or family members. Discussing the details of the case can put the investigation in jeopardy and therefore the agent must be willing to make this sacrifice for the job, in order to be considered as an agent.